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For more information and reservations, please email or call +971 4 832 9900.

Most activities at Al Maha take place in the cooler parts of the day (morning/afternoon). Guests are accompanied by an experienced field guide at all times, who ensures not only the guests’ enjoyment and satisfaction, but also their safety. 

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Morning Desert Activities     Afternoon Desert Activities     Safety Precautions

Morning Desert Activities


Morning Activity

The art of falconry dates back to the 13th Century BC. In the desert regions of Arabia, falconry served as a means of supplementing the Bedu’s diet. Today the art of falconry has become more sophisticated with the use of four-wheel drive vehicles and tracking equipment but this traditional sport still forms a vital link between the Arab and the desert. Falconry displays take place during the cooler parts of the day due to the sensitivity of these animals. Different species of falcons are “flown to the lure” in a display which demonstrates both the falcon and the falconers abilities. The falcons may be handled by guests, under the supervision of one of the field guides, during and after the display.

Duration: +- 1 hour


Morning Activity

Arabian horses have been part of the Arabs history for as long back as one can imagine. These horses have been used for transport when crossing deserts and even when fighting wars. Today the Arabian horse has found its way around the globe; fetching high prices as quality stock are bred for different forms of racing. Guided horse rides are generally conducted in the morning or afternoons when it is coolest.

Al Maha has a selection of Arab and Thoroughbred horses, which unfortunately are recommended to experienced riders only and maximum weight limit is 85kg.

Duration: +- 1 hour


Morning Activity

For the energetic, please feel free to request a guided walk through parts of the reserve. One can have the opportunity here of experiencing the desert environment in its entirety. Binoculars will prove useful for the purpose of bird and animal viewing and are available in the suites.

Duration: +- 1 hour


Morning Activity

Not for the feint hearted. Enjoy an adrenaline rush as your field guide takes you on an exhilarating 4x4 drive in the big sand dunes outside the resort.

Duration: +- 1.5 hour

Desert Dune Drive activities can be reserved at an additional supplement of AED 250 per person per activity


Morning Activity

Your Field Guide will be happy to give you a lesson in the noble art of archery, which features heavily in the heritage of Middle Eastern and Bedouin culture.

Under shelter of palm leaves you will see the target in the distance, at the base of a high dune very close by to Al Maha resort.

Donning the protective glove and arm guard, your Guide will demonstrate how it’s done before the contest begins.   Things usually get quite competitive, so it is well worth taking time to wield and master this age-old weapon that captures the skill and patience of a bygone era.

Duration: +- 1.hour

Afternoon Desert Activities


Afternoon Activity

This is an ideal opportunity to see the flora and fauna of the desert. You will be accompanied by an experienced field guide who will explain the natural beauty and wander of the desert whilst travelling in the comfort of an air-conditioned 4x4.

Duration: +- 1 hour


Afternoon Activity

Camels have been a source of transport since “time” began whilst also providing the Bedu with meat and milk.

At the resort, slow guided camel rides can be conducted under the supervision of experienced camel handlers and field guides. These rides give one the opportunity of linking oneself with the natural splendour of the Arabian Desert. Camel safaris are generally conducted in the evening where the camel train stops for sundown drinks in the dunes before proceeding back to the resort.
No experience is required.

Duration: +- 1.5 hour

Safety Precautions

Please ensure that all necessary precautions are taken prior to any outdoor activities:

  • Ensure that you have suitable footwear
  • A hat and sunscreen are advisable
  • Adequate intake of water prior to these activities
  • Horse riding & Desert Dune Drive activities can be reserved at an additional supplement of AED 250 per person per activity

Departures for all activities take place from the reception area and leave on time. Please meet in the lobby 15 minutes prior to the timings given.

A word of caution with regards to the wildlife:
For your own safety, please do not approach or attempt to feed any wild animals.