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Ghaf Tree Walk

A ten minute drive into the conservation area to a grove of Ghaf trees. Wander around our desert “forest” while your guide tells you more about these fascinating life-giving trees.

Found growing individually as well as in small groups and woodlands, the ghaf is perfectly adapted to the arid desert environment. A true desert survivor, this tree's very long tap roots can reach water from sub-terranean sources as deep as 30 to 35 meters, well beyond the grasp of other plants.

Arab people and the ghaf go a long way back to when the Bedouins led a nomadic existence in the desert. As the generous provider of shelter, shade, food and medicine for both man and animal, the ghaf was treated as a member of the Bedouin family, loved, cherished and highly respected.

For the UAE, an accelerating decline in Ghaf trees and woodlands implies a loss in cultural and biological heritage. To help save the species, WWF and its local partners have launched a campaign to raise public awareness about ghaf tree conservation and are looking to create protected areas where ghaf woodlands exist.