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Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa
Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa

Timeless Spa at Al Maha Desert Resort, Dubai

Timeless Spa with its team of gifted international Spa therapists specialises in a wide range of wellness, rejuvenation and beauty therapies. Offering a fusion of healing practices drawn from cultures around the world, the treatments are truly representative of Dubai’s cosmopolitan nature.
Our signature treatments draw on the wisdom of Middle Eastern and South East Asian aromatherapy traditions. At Timeless Spa we are offering beauty and relaxation treatments, private massage rooms for couples, in-suite massage, private Rasoul chamber, Hydrotherapy bath, a sauna and steam room including a cold plunge pool, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and a fully equipped fitness centre.

Timeless Spa at Al Maha is set against tranquil and inspiring natural environments. We are committed to offering you the finest in holistic treatments within a luxurious setting, which echoes the locality and embodies the culture of the region, together with our Timeless Spa signature products.
Spa treatments are available from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm daily.

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Timeless Spa Menu

Timeless Body Treatments                                                                                                                                                              

Timeless Traditions Signature Four-Hands Body Treatment 90 minutes - AED 900
Two massage therapists will perform a massage in complete synergy. Using our unique date and frankincense lotion, your therapists will apply a combination of Swedish and smoothing deep-tissue techniques for deep relaxation. This treatment starts with a full body exfoliation to polish your skin, a soothing face and foot pack rounds off the massage to leave you feeling transformed by the unique sensory experience provided by Timeless Spa.

Timeless Traditions Signature Body Treatment 90 minutes - AED 600
In this exclusive full body treatment we are using the soothing properties of fresh dates and our own unique Timeless Spa signature range containing the wonderful aroma of frankincense. This treatment consists of a full body exfoliation to polish the skin, followed by a Swedish massage for deep relaxation and a soothing face and foot pack.

Intensive Firming Body Treatment 80 minutes - AED 550
With this intensive body treatment, we are concentrating on a particular problem area like thighs, buttocks or stomach. It firms and tones your skin, plus reduces stretch marks and the appearance of Cellulite. A full body brush will enable the easy absorption of the detoxifying and purifying ingredients. A thermal mask, applied on your main concern areas enables the body to absorb the active ingredients effectively. Detoxifying oil will be applied with an intensive and draining massage. At final a lotion will be applied to improve elasticity and skin tone.

Marine Contouring Body Wrap 90 minutes - AED 550
This cleansing and firming body treatment begins with an invigorating exfoliation using volcanic clay to remove dead skin cells. A warm body mask rich in active Marine Minerals and Algae is then applied to your entire body and you will be cocooned in a comforting wrap. The active ingredients help to cleanse your lymphatic system and to flush out accumulated toxins which are a common cause of Cellulite, fluid retention or breakdown of connective tissue. After a shower, a specialized contouring gel and firming lotion are applied to your body, leaving your skin tight and toned.

Marine Detoxifying Body Wrap 80 minutes - AED 550
Combining the richness of sea plants, algae, volcanic minerals and plant essences, this treatment is deeply detoxifying and cleansing. Lay back and enjoy an exfoliation with Organic Green Tea and Dead Sea Salts that will leave your skin soft and enlivened. A warm Marine body mask is then applied all over your body before you are cocooned in a comforting wrap. Rest and restore during a scalp massaged for total relaxation. To finish, a detoxifying concentrate will be applied to enhance the cleansing of your system.

Ancient Rasoul Ritual 90 minutes - AED 600
This one-of-a-kind Al Maha experience is an oriental skin care ceremony that combines light, heat, warm aromatic steam and the application of mineral-rich clay in a rather exotic enclosed environment. It’s as romantic as a spa experience can get, and not surprisingly, particularly suited for couples in the privacy of our Rasoul steam chamber.
A full body exfoliation will polish your skin, different natural muds will draw out impurities, and aromatic steam will promote the absorption of the nutrients and minerals through the skin. Calming sensitive light will be projected in soft colors to work softly on your mind. A gentle shower then washes the skin in preparation for a full body application of our special blended lotions.

After Sun Soother 60 minutes - AED 450
A soothing body wrap to calm redness and irritation after sun burn or for Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis. Followed by cooling mists sprayed on the skin to reduce body heat. A selection of treatment lotions are then applied to activate skin rejuvenation, intensively moisturize, even skin tone and prevent skin damage.

Energy Reviver 60 minutes - AED 450
To begin this cleansing and reviving treatment, the circulation is stimulated with invigorating full body brushing. A 100% natural purifying and detoxifying mask is then applied to the entire body. The ingredients of the mask will flush out toxins and impurities and improve circulation. It helps to reduce fluid retention and is a fantastic Cellulite treatment. The process is enhanced by an application of an enlivening body moisturizer.

Organic Body Exfoliation 45 minutes - AED 380
A ceremony to tantalize and delight. A gentle all-over body exfoliation using Vanilla & Sandalwood powder or Jojoba beads rich in the aromas of plant essence. This treatment removes dead skin cells and is suitable for the most sensitive skin types. As a final touch the skin is pampered and nourished with an aromatic body treatment lotion leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

Organic Mud Scalp & Hair Therapy 30 minutes – AED 300
A luxurious alternative to standard scalp massage. A deeply relaxing treatment for anyone concerned with promoting healthy scalp function and conditioning the hair. This therapy moisturizes the hair and scalp, stimulates circulation and encourages the growth of healthy new hair, revitalizes dry, damaged and colored hair, protects the hair and scalp from environmental damage.

Timeless Facials                                                                                                                                                                                

Timeless Traditions Al Maha Frankincense Facial 60 minutes - AED 450
This gentle facial, using unique Al Maha Timeless Spa product range, aids cellular renewal and helps to regenerate skin cells. The frankincense will help to sooth, rejuvenate and normalizing the skin, leaving it feeling clear and refreshed.

Baborganic – Totally Organic Facial 90 minutes - AED 600
Baborganic is a range formulated with active, organic ingredients for the most sensitive skin. This skincare is 100% natural and draws its strength from extremely pure and uncontaminated, active organic ingredients like glacier water, Edelweiss extract and Oxygen Energy. Enjoy a blissful mountain crystal massage which has liberating effects on body and mind, releases blockages in the energy flow and provides new energy and vitality. Baborganic refreshes and revitalizes the skin, and the skin’s natural regenerative powers while giving an even, healthy and radiantly looking complexion.

Thermal Infusing Facial 75 minutes - AED 550
This is an intensive boost of all nature’s vitamins and minerals. Sodashi’s exclusive Warm-Infusing-Mask will maximise the penetration of the ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. This ultimate facial indulgence is tailored to your skins needs leaving your skin hydrated and toned while restoring elasticity and radiance.

Marine Mineral Facial 60 minutes - AED 500
This exceptional facial will indulge your senses with botanical hydrating ingredients to slow down the signs of premature aging and reducing the appearance of dehydration lines. The marine algae mask will restore nutrients, elasticity and increase cell renewal. Nourishing plant synergies will help to strengthening capillaries, rebuild connective tissue and prevent environmental damage to skin.

Sensitive Skin Facial 60 minutes - AED 450
Enjoy cooling botanical mists and soothing aromatic gels to nurture the skin. The Sodashi plant essences and herbal extracts will strengthen the capillaries and de-sensitise your skin. You and your skin can deeply relax as you enjoy the pampering of warm facial compresses and the facial massage, with the luxurious aromas of the plant essences. Your skin is left feeling revived with a calm and even complexion.

Men’s Facial 60 minutes - AED 450
A deep cleansing and exfoliating facial for the modern men’s needs. It balances the skin’s natural oils, restores the skin’s elasticity and minimises fine lines. A relaxing face massage will work on your muscles leaving you looking fresh and revitalised. This therapy begins with a relaxing salt therapy back massage that will ease stress and reduce tension in mind and body.

Eye Treatment 45 minutes - AED 380
Taking rejuvenating eye therapies to new levels, this exceptional treatment will revive tired and relax stressed eyes. The mineral mask gently warms the area to enhance the absorption of plant essence into the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment will reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles and fine lines while nourishing and restoring tone and elasticity. A specialized massage will enhance the results and bring your eyes back to their sparkling best.

Waxing and Eye-lash tinting available on request.


Timeless Hands & Feet                                                                                                                                                                   

Regenerative Hand Therapy 30 minutes –AED 250
A well deserved organic pamper treatment for your hard working hands. This nurturing treatment starts with a warm aromatic eucalyptus bath and is followed with a luxurious sugar exfoliation and cucumber & mint wrap. A soothing massage soufflé will leave your hands feeling silky, smooth and soft.

Regenerative Hand Therapy & Manicure 60 minutes - AED 350
Deluxe treatment for your hands combines Regenerative Hand Therapy and SPA Manicure, which includes shortening and shaping of nails, cuticle trim and buffing of the nail plate and an intense regenerative hand care. Polish applied on request.

Arabian Renewal Foot Therapy 30 minutes – AED 250
Join us on Arabian Odyssey through ancient land steeped in thousands of years of tradition and legend. Your feet will be pampered with Red Sea Salt, Exotic Date & Wild Honey, Sandalwood, Infused Dead Sea Mud & Almond Crème.
Through ancient Jordan and Oman, glamorous Dubai and mystical Kuwait, this treatment has pursued the culture, customs and ingredients that make this region one of the most intriguing on earth.

Arabian Renewal Foot Therapy & Pedicure 60 minutes - AED 400
A truly lavish experience. The luxurious treatment combines Arabian Renewal Foot Therapy and SPA Pedicure, which includes shortening and shaping of nails, cuticle trim, removing of callus and nail plate buffing and restorative, re-energizing and refreshing foot therapy. Polish applied on request.


Timeless Massages                                                                                                                                                                         

Algae Detox Massage Therapy 90 minutes - AED 650
This deeply warming and detoxifying therapy combines the power of aromatherapy and the riches of the ocean. It helps to cleanse and re-mineralize your body. It is excellent for soothing muscular aches & pains and joint problems. A warm Seaweed mask will be applied all over the body. While you are cocooned in a heating foil you will receive a relaxing scalp massage. The treatment finishes of with a specialized lymph drainage plus detoxifying full body massage with a special detox oil to flush out further impurities.

Desert Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes - AED 450 – 90 minutes - AED 600
One stroke of the stones is equivalent to ten normal strokes of a massage. The warmed volcanic stones impart a deep soothing heat to sore, tired muscles and stress related tension. This holistic wellness treatment features a deluxe full body and face massage. The heat plus the active ingredients of the therapeutic oils will help to remove blockages and dissolve stress. You will leave the spa feeling renewed and energized.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage 60 minutes - AED 450 – 90 minutes - AED 600
Originally reserved for Hawaiian kings and queens, this traditional Lomi Lomi style of massage using long soothing strokes designed to relax and rejuvenate. Deep yet gentle it incorporates the use of forearms, stretches and energy balancing. Incorporating our special Serenity Massage Oil to inflict inner calm and instils a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Thai Massage 60 minutes - AED 450 – 90 minutes - AED 600
A unique and powerful massage therapy, which combines acupressure, gentle stretching and applied yoga. The Thai massage is more rigorous and energizing than most massages. It reduces stress, improves blood circulation, enhances energy and flexibility and centralizes body and mind.

Balinese Massage 60 minutes - AED 450 – 90 minutes - AED 600
One of the traditional Indonesian therapies a Balinese massage is perfect for soothing damaged tissue and relieving strained muscles and joints. Since this type of massage works the deep tissues of the body and boosts circulation, joining acupressure and reflexology will be a highly effective treatment for sports injuries. This also aims to aid in certain ailments like migraines, muscle pains, joint pains, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, depression as well as allergies and breathing conditions like asthma.

Herbal Ball Massage 60 minutes - AED 450 – 90 minutes - AED 600
Based on the holistic principles of Ayurvedic medicine, this treatment provides a deeply soothing experience. Warm aromatic oils are drizzled on the body and massaged into the skin with steamed herbal bags, made of a blend of many different medicinal herbs and spices, each with their own unique properties The firm soothing-strokes technique helps to calm nerves and redirects vital energy, eases the aching muscles and joints, builds up the body tissues and improves overall well-being. To make this treatment complete, you will finish off with soft lymphatic drainage to detoxify, balance energies and enhance your relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes - AED 450 – 90 minutes –AED 600
Excessive physical activity can cause deep muscular and joint distress. Our Deep Tissue Sports Massage helps to warm and relax the muscles and improve range of motion. Enjoy before physical activity to prevent injuries and after to help the speedy recovery of strained muscles. The use of our specialized massage oil will help to warm the muscles and to releases tension.

De-stress Back Massage with Reflexology 90 minutes - AED 600
Receive our fantastic back, neck and shoulder massage to ease muscle tension in combination with a therapeutic pressure point foot massage to help relieving pain and to help alleviate muscle aches.

Reflexology 60 minutes - AED 450
Reflexology is a therapeutic pressure point foot massage which involves gentle stimulation of acupressure points in the feet that have direct connections to various organs and glands. Energizing these points has a releasing effect on the body which also helps to cleanse the lymphatic system. It is an amazing treatment which can be used for the correction & prevention of ill health.

De-stress Back Massage 45minutes - AED 300
This deep back, neck and shoulder massage is designed to relieve stiff joints and muscle fatigue. Intensive techniques to warm, manipulate and ease tense muscles by using a variety of movements which help to reduce toxin build up in main concern areas.


Bath & Body Rituals                                                                                                                                                                       

Mineral Mud Therapy 90 minutes - AED 550
Immersing yourself from head to toe in a natural mud hydro-bath is the perfect way to get your metabolism moving, eliminate waste material and supply the skin with the essential minerals it needs. It is the ideal preparation for a soothing full-body massage that assists in flushing out further impurities by using a special detoxifying massage oil.

Hydrating Massage Therapy 90 minutes - AED 550
This treatment has been specifically designed to treat dehydrated and dry skin. The soothing and extremely hydrating all-over body treatment begins with a 20-minute moisturizing hydrotherapy bath. The bath restores suppleness, in preparation for a nourishing, full-body massage, using an intensive and moisturizing vitamin enhanced massage cream that restores your skin’s moisture levels.

Aroma Hydrotherapy Bath 30 minutes - AED 280
Timeless Spa’s hydrotherapy treatment is a natural way to care for body and mind. We use high-quality aroma bath oils that contain comforting properties to relax, balance or energize you. Aroma hydrotherapy oils nourish the skin, whilst massage jets increase blood circulation, stimulate muscle tone and relieve muscle tension.